Seals of Authenticity

Helping you spot fakes.

What are Seals of Authenticity?

Seals of authenticity can be found on the bottom of teacups, teapots, and other dishware. These stamps could tell you who the manufacturer is, where the stamps were made, the pattern name, or the year they were made. If you're buying china, you should always check the stamp at the bottom and check if the company listed is fradulent.

Here are some of the stamps I've seem on the back of my china:

Homer Laughlin Virginia Rose
Harmony Rose Fine China
The Edwin M. Knowles China-Co

Some authenticity seals may be partially erased. This doesn't alawys mean the item is fradulent. When dishware has been previously used or is flawed, marks may be left behind to let you know the dishware is not in prime condition. For example, these two teacups are of the same set, but the gold trim on one of them doesn't wrap all the way around. This makes the teacup flawed, so the seal is partially missing.

Two authenticity seals
Two teacups